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Let's kick this Baby Off Sep 24, 2015
Rigo has so graciously provided this section to allow folks to let off some steam, do their thing, share unrelated nonsense regarding everyday guys get the idea. So with no further ado,

Rare, Beautiful U.S. Coins Only (Click On Image To Go To Item) Sep 05, 2015

My collectible Item Sep 24, 2014
[img][/img] This is a Polaroid camera from the 40's. I Found it in my house when I was in Michigan ba

Old book Apr 06, 2014
This book is old however I have no idea how old. This book was first published in 1849 but I'm not sure if it's that year issue or a later one. Any one have any clues. I still plan to read it. [img]ht

No one wants to talk about music? I will Oct 23, 2013
Hmm, seems awfully quiet in the music section, and there are no threads. I guess I'm going to make some noise. So as I have stated before, I hoard many different things besides coins. One of my favo

Post office Bank Dec 21, 2012
Well there is guy at my wifes work who is amazing carpenter. He just does it in his garage as a side job. He told my wife about these banks that he makes so she bought one for her dad. After seeing it

My Myths and Legend collection Dec 02, 2012

The Inner Workings of A Pocket Watch Nov 21, 2012
I opened up the back compartment of a junk silver watch and the back cover came with it revealing the mechanism inside. I thought it was pretty cool so here it is: [img]

Croco Embossed Leather Handbag - Madi Claire "Luckie" Sep 26, 2012
Rigo purchased me two new handbags. This bag is genuine croco embossed leather and it has a matching wallet. The maker of the bag is Madi Claire and the name of the bag is"Luckie" The croco embossed l

Triangle Stamps Sep 16, 2012
So a couple months ago my Grandpa gave me a bunch of stamps, some in a book/album and some loose ones. This will be my first stamp thread of some triangle stamps. I don't know much, if anything, abo