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Break the Photography Rules? But didn’t you say…

Ignoring Certain Guidelines and Basic Rules Can Make For Better Photography Break the photography rules – I don’t want to be held liable for any of you jumping in front of buses or smashing anything up just to get a good picture. All I am saying is that every now and then forget everything that […]

The Camera Angle and Photography

A Different Camera Angle Can Tell a Completely Different Story Camera Angle – For anyone starting out in photography as a complete newcomer, the common thing to do is to stay at “normal height” and photograph the subject as you see it.This is all good and well but you will undoubtedly place yourself firmly amongst […]

Photography Subjects

What To Look For When Out And About Photographing SLR Photography – Photography Subjects. When I say “keep ‘em peeled”, I mean always be aware of what photographic subjects there are around you, other than what you are looking at. It is a great way to get some candid or different shots! With regards to […]

When To Use A Tripod

Learn When And Why You Might Need A Tripod An essential piece of kit and a part of learning about photography is to know when to use a tripod. There will be times when hand holding the camera simply won’t do. Many professionals, especially wedding photographers, leave the camera permanently attached to a tripod, and […]

SLR Photography – See in Black and White Photography

A strange request I know, to “see things in black and white”, but if you try this technique, you may end up with a lot more photos in your keeper file! Most people when they leave their house with their camera, only think in terms of color photography. Have you ever been out and about […]

SLR Photography – The Camera’s Shutter Speeds

When and Why Should I Change Them? By taking your camera off auto and playing with its shutter speeds, you can have a lot of fun and get some great results to boot! There are some times when you need fast speeds such as with sports or action photography, but there are other times that […]

SLR Photography – Depth of Field (DOF)

I have always found “depth of field” a strange term, why not simply call it Depth of Focus? Anyway, it matters not, what does matter is how it affects your photography and how you can use it to your benefit. Personally, I normally set my camera to Av or “aperture priority” 95% of the time […]