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Pretty soon I will have paid for the final 6 silver coins to get me to 200.
Here's what 5 will be and what #200 could be
1943-S war nickel
1924-A Wiemar German 1 mark
19?? Japanese 50 sen. Don't know the exact date for that one yet.
1901 German states Prussia Zwei mark
1972 German 5 Deutschemark PCGS proof 66
And the final coin that I could be getting 1856 Bolivia 4 soles NGC AU50
Well here is the first silver for me. 1963 5 Francs. Decent size at 29mm and I have a few smaller coins with the same design but don't think I had this one yet. Nothing amazing but wanted to start off the new year right. Might have to let things settle for a month or so before I grab anything big since we just moved into our new house.

Anyone else got any silver on the way yet?
The story of this coin starts at work on a summer afternoon in Wisconsin. Working at various cell sites throughout the region, I occasionally have the opportunity to observe different kinds of wildlife. On one of those occasions, I heard what I though to be a hummingbird fly by my ear only to find that it was a large praying mantis.

Immediately, I had noticed that the praying mantis had landed on the chain link fence surrounding the cell site. I have seen praying mantis’s before but this bug was huge measuring almost two links on the fence! I moved a little nearer to take a closer look and observed the big bug turn its head to look at me. Talk about creepy, just let a huge bug stare you...