I've rarely seen anything as amazing as a total eclipse of the sun!

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    I recently returned from Carbondale, Illinois where I viewed my first total eclipse of the sun. My view of the eclipse had one cloud that refused to get out of the way 20 minutes before the final sliver of sun just prior to totality. Then like a great unveiling we could see the final crescent and the clouds peel away like a mist. The sun went back behind the cloud and then out again for a spectacular view of the total eclipse of the sun. The diamond ring on the other side of the eclipse was like a final curtain call! The darkness was amazing and you could view the horizon like a sunset and not just in the west but in all 360 degrees of my view. The coloring was a beautiful orange/purple. The crickets started chirping and the birds were confused. I was in a football stadium with 15,000 other very exited viewers! Before the eclipse, I had NO IDEA of the emotional high I would feel, what a rush! It is just something that you must experience. As the light came back there was an eeriness about the light that I had never experienced. This ended with the stadium playing "Eclipse" from Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and tears began to well up! What a rush! The heavens DO declare the glory of the Lord! In seven more years, if I can, I'm doing this again but until then it's back to coins for me!

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    A once in a lifetime experience, that's for sure.

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